Casper’s Project joined the Emilio Sánchez Vicario Foundation in 2017 in memory of Casper Fernández, a young Spanish tennis player who trained in Sánchez-Casal Academy during his formative years. As just a 16-year-old athlete, Casper left us after a courageous fight against cancer. Even in his final months, he demonstrated his love and passion for tennis, as well as the desire to become a great player with a splendid attitude. He became a role model on and off the court.


I met Casper when he was 12 years old. He told me, “I want to be a tennis player,” and then he said, “I’m coming to live with you and work to reach my dreams.” He convinced his parents, my old time Friends Goyo and Sonia, so they put him on a plane, and he grew up with me.

When Casper arrived, he was stubborn, quarrelsome, a fighter, argumentative, always present, and with a strong character, the kind of child that does not go unnoticed. He was always in the middle of trouble.

He had to play the toughest match of his life, against an unbeatable competitor: bone cancer. Throughout his disease he asked his parents and me to try to help other children to dream. His disease brought out a side of Casper that only thought about others and not himself. Casper left us the 7-7-7 and ever since we have tried to make his legacy reach other children.

We established the Casper Tour with locations in multiple cities, and nowadays we are trying to create a link between these tournaments and other schools and clubs, to reach more children.

We miss you a lot, but your energy pushes us forward and your tour will be a reference point, for children who wish to dream. With the funds that we collect from the events, we are opening schools in different cities for children with cancer.

Casper, his family, his friends like Feli, Pepo, the ESV Foundation, tennis, the Federation, the CSD, and the sponsors will allow us to reach many school-age children, to find the next Casper and help him or her reach the same dreams that Casper had.



Casper Tour was established in 2018 with the development of different tennis trials on a national and international level, with presence in three continents: Europe – North American – Asia. It is best known in Spain, with trials in Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, and Valencia. The Tour also has an expansion and growth plan for the coming years.

On an international level, trials have been developed in China, New York, Atlanta, and Florida, with a great success rate in all the countries where it has been held. The main objective is to increase the number of countries and trials in the coming years.


Our sports and social integration project include organizing tennis schools to encourage sports and tennis practice from a foundational level, and at the same time open schools in different clubs for players that are under cancer/oncology treatment in the cities that hold the trials for the Casper Tour.


Another priority of the tour is shaping young athletes as people, not just competitors. We work on personal effort, keeping a positive attitude, being respectful and polite towards all the players that you will play against, and respecting the decision of the referee. In essence, to create role models on and off the tennis courts.

The main goal of this tour is to create tennis schools within different clubs where the tournament takes place that are adapted to players going through a cancer treatment. To accomplish this, we will collaborate with the representatives from each facility for the sake of creating these training groups and to bring tennis closer to those affected by this disease.