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Play-Based Learning, the funniest way to learn!

5 February 2021

Each year, our elementary teachers take different professional development courses that keep them up to date with the philosophies and techniques of t...

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Bringing the high level competition back to Sanchez-Casal Academy

22 January 2021

Our blog is dedicated to all the companies starting with UTR & BMW of Naples that made tennis competition possible, that brought back joy to tennis, a...

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HELLO 2021!

28 December 2020

At long last, we have come to the end of the year 2020! We can’t help but look forward to one of the most unexpected years of our lives finally ending...

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Developing an Eye for Detail

4 December 2020

Being a creative, critical thinker is one of our Core Values at ESIS, and developing this side of ourselves is integral in every classroom. These skil...

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When they talk about the greatest coach, make sure it’s you

20 November 2020

In Sanchez-Casal, a coach is not only the one who feeds drills, and corrects the player's game. The coach is the tutor, the one with the power on his/...

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